Lil Wayne "Dedication 5"

Lil Wayne "Dedication 5"

Young Money, 2013

Lil Wayne

Продолжение наиболее успешной серии микстейпов самопровозглашенного лучшего рэпера из ныне живущих. В этот раз Виззи читает на биты Jay Z, Kanye West, Drake, A$AP Rocky, Ace Hood, French Montana, Frank Ocean, Young Scooter, Meek Mill, Wu-Tang и многих других.


1.I'm Good ft. The Weeeknd
2.How Dedicated / Kill My Vibe
3.New Slaves
4.Type of Way ft. T.I.
5.You Song ft. Chance The Rapper
6.Aint Worried ft. Euro, Jae Millz
7.Before Tune Gets Back ft. Lil Chuckee
8.Started from the Bottom
9.New signees to Young Money
10.Live Life ft. Euro
12.Way Im Ballin ft. Mack Maine, Birdman
13.Fortune Teller Interlude / Thinking About You
14.Thinkin About You
15.Pure Colombia
17.Still Got The Rock
18.FuckWitMeYouKnowIGotIt ft. T.I.
20.Cream ft. Euro
21.Levels ft. Vado
22.Devastation ft. Gudda Gudda
23.Fuckin Problems ft. Euro, Kidd Kidd
24.Feds Watchin ft. 2 Chain, T.I.

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