Pusha T "Wrath of Caine"

Pusha T "Wrath of Caine"

микстейп, 2013

Pusha T

Перед вами — кандидат на микстейп года. И это, заметим, только подготовка к "большому" альбому "My Name Is My Name".


1. "Intro"  
2. "Millions" (featuring Rick Ross)
3. "Doesn't Matter" (featuring French Montana)
4. "Blocka" (featuring Popcaan and Travis Scott)
5. "Road Runner" (featuring Troy Ave)
6. "Revolution"
7. "Only You Can Tell It" (featuring Wale)
8. "Trust You" (featuring Kevin Gates)
9. "Take My Life" (featuring Andrea Martin)
10. "Re-Up Gang Motivation" (performed by Ab-Liva)
11. "I Am Forgiven"  

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